Gold Coast Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Fred Simon, MD, FACS, FRCS(C), Dr. Andrew Larson, MD, FACS, and the JFK Medical Center Bariatric
Wellness and Surgical Institute are now working together to provide the most comprehensive weight loss surgery
care available in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.

We offer all bariatric (weight loss) surgical procedures including:

We follow patients from across the country and around the world.  We are happy to provide ongoing care to
seasonal and international residents, including those who have had their surgery elsewhere.

Our weight loss surgeons are board certified experts who have performed hundreds of successful laparoscopic
weight loss surgeries.  
Dr. Simon and Dr. Larson work together on every elective bariatric surgical procedure they
We are an officially designated Center of Excellence.  We accept Medicare.

We accept essentially all insurance plans that cover bariatric surgery.  We also offer a competitive cash pay
price as well as financing to those patients whose insurance does not cover the procedure.
Gold Coast Bariatric Surgery
Our staff